How does it work?

The Smart Anoxia system does not use gases such as argon, nitrogen or CO2. The treatment is carried out totally consuming the Oxygen contained inside the treatment bubble

1. Spread the polybarrier film, thus creating the base of the bubble where the treatment will take place.

2. Place the objects to be treated on the base of the bubble.

3. Wrap the objects with the polybarrier film and seal all the ends leaving a small opening.

4. Turn on the control unit and the Smart Anoxia router.

5. Insert the control unit and Oxygen absorbers inside the bubble. Press out excess air and complete the seal.

6. Once the treatment is finished you can open the bubble by cutting the sealed edges and extract the 100% pest-free objects.


  • Does not damage treated objects

  • Organic treatment from start to finish

  • No use of biocide gases

  • Continuous monitoring of Oxygen, temperature and humidity

  • Control panel accessible from any Internet-connected device

  • Avoid unnecessary on site checking visits

  • No size limit for large objects: furniture, caravans, boats, etc.

Our Technology

Smart Anoxia Technology

» It uses an innovative control unit that allows the conditions of Oxygen concentration, temperature and humidity to be monitored inside the treatment bubble. This unit incorporates factory-calibrated sensors that do not require maintenance, a rechargeable battery with two-month autonomy. The kit also includes a ready to use wireless router with a sim that works worldwide that will transmit the data obtained by the control unit inside the bubble

Panel Smart Anoxia