At Samitech we have a technological, ecological and sustainable vocation. Our solutions eliminate xylophagous insects, bed bugs, moths and mites cleanly and without using chemical products on objects and surfaces such as: beams, columns, floors, ceilings, door and window frames, furniture; mattresses and upholstered furniture; textiles; art and delicate objects; paper and paperboard; large objects (boats, caravans, carriages, etc.).

Samitech has been innovating in pest control by phisical means for more than ten years. Our equipment is based on the use of microwave and infrared radiation or anoxia to exterminate insects either by dehydration or suffocation.

Heat Wrap

Portable and flexible infrared heating solution for wood

The physical solution against xylophages in all stages nesting in any kind of wood

¡Shape it as you need!

Heat Wrap
Heat Wrap


Simple and effective against pests in wood

Ecological system for wood disinfestation by means of microwave technology

Smart Anoxia

Eliminates oxygen in a controlled environment killing any insects

The revolution for tradicional anoxia treatments. No biocides and remotely monitoring


SAMITECH is specialised in research and development for pest control. The latest technologies brought to you to avoid using chemicals, make your business more profitable and be environment friendly.
  • Latest technology  – we bring you the latest innovations

  • User friendly – quick start, no learning curve

  • Portable devices – smart control in your hand

  • Always smart – look professional to your customers

  • Global availability – products that work wherever you go

  • Fast return on investment – get rid of expensive products


Our products and treatments are 100% physical, avoid the use of dangerous substances, reduce costs in logistics, workforce, licenses, operating time and do not damage treated objects.