Optimizing Furniture Treatment with Smart Anoxia

At Samitech, we are committed to innovation in wood pest control. Our Smart Anoxia technology is not only effective but also highly efficient, allowing for the simultaneous treatment of multiple pieces of furniture.

How Smart Anoxia Works

Smart Anoxia employs a pest elimination method that uses a low-oxygen atmosphere to suffocate insects infesting wooden furniture. This process is safe for objects and the environment and is especially effective in eliminating termites, woodworms, and other wood-boring pests.

Simultaneous Application

Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of Smart Anoxia, we can treat several pieces of furniture at the same time. Here’s how it works:

  1. Preparation of the Treatment Area:
    • A large, controlled area is selected where the furniture will be placed.
    • The furniture is arranged to allow for uniform coverage.
  2. Wrapping the Furniture:
    • Each piece of furniture is wrapped with our specially designed aluminum sheets that ensure perfect airtightness.
    • Anoxia control equipment is connected to maintain low and constant oxygen levels.
  3. Monitoring and Control:
    • A mobile application is used to monitor oxygen levels in real-time and adjust parameters as needed.
    • The application also records treatment data, ensuring precise control and detailed documentation of the process.
  4. Completion of the Process:
    • After the treatment cycle is complete, the aluminum sheets are removed.
    • The furniture is inspected to ensure that the pests have been completely eradicated.

Benefits of Simultaneous Application

  • Efficiency: Treating multiple pieces of furniture at once significantly reduces the time and resources needed.
  • Effectiveness: Anoxia technology guarantees complete pest elimination without damaging the furniture.
  • Safety: By not using chemicals, any risk to human and pet health is avoided.

Samitech’s Smart Anoxia offers an advanced and practical solution for pest control in wooden furniture, optimizing time and resources with the capability to treat multiple pieces simultaneously.

Discover how we can help you protect your wooden furniture effectively and sustainably with Smart Anoxia!

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