What is EcoWood?

Samitech EcoWood consists of a main unit and a remote control that has a touch screen from which the main unit is operated remotely. Additionally the product includes a microwave leak detector that ensures that the user is always out of the radiation hazard area.


  • Connectable to any domestic socket

  • Touch screen remote control

  • Microwave power adjustable in three levels

  • Light weight

  • Simple and safe use

  • Microwave exposure detector included

  • Wide range of accessories available

Our Technology

EcoWood Technology

» It uses technology similar to a conventional microwave oven, but in this case the radiation is directed in a controlled and concentrated way over the infested area, heating the wood until the insects are eliminated. Microwave radiation will kill it.

» On the one hand, the wood in which the insect lives is heated and, on the other hand, since it is composed mostly of water, it absorbs microwave energy, raising its body temperature above the temperature of the wood that surrounds it. . This explains why the death of the insects occurs on many occasions before the surrounding wood reaches a lethal temperature for the insect.