SAMITECH is the result of many years of researching and developing of different kinds of solutions in the professional area.

Following an ongoing research process and with the main goal of giving a real answer to the market needs, SAMITECH continues its evolution, adapting the most revolutionary technology to diverse industrial sectors, offering not only effective but also efficient solutions.

Today, SAMITECH is one of the few companies worldwide that has based its activity in the application of innovative technology, in order to satisfy the requirements of its clients avoiding the use of chemicals and reducing the manpower in some professional sectors.

What has driven SAMITECH to develop its activity in the technology field are the continuous legislative changes concerning the use of products and chemical processes in the industry.

Currently, the products and services that operate inside the legal framework, do not offer enough efficient solutions to the market. With the introduction of technological innovation in all these processes, SAMITECH has achieved success in any project where it has took part.

SAMITECH does not only follow one research line, but it is responsible of the improvement of each part of the process for an optimum result and the knowing how to implant the new system on the best possible way.

For the research, it counts with a unique laboratory and a highly qualified team that combines knowledge, skills and effort everyday to reach the required results.

As a result, SAMITECH has a remarkable presence in the market with the development and marketing of their own products and services, besides being supported by companies of great international recognition as Rentokil Initial or other governmental agencies like INIA (National Institute of Agricultural Research).


The Quality Policy of SAMI TECHNOLOGIES INT. S.L. Is based on the application of the necessary means to meet with full satisfaction the commitments made with our Distributors and Clients in the activities related to the development, production and commercialization of high technology products for the industry.

We try to reduce the number of incidents and improve the efficiency of the Quality System, complying with the directives, legislation, regulations and applicable requirements.

The main generic objectives derived from the Quality Policy SAMI TECHNOLOGIES INT. S.L.:

  • Continuous improvement of the processes of development, production and marketing of our products and systems, as well as all activities related to this activity.

  • Obtain a production with minimal defective products.

  • Meet the deadlines established with distributors and customers. Minimize incidences.

  • Reaching a maximum level of satisfaction of our distributors and customers.

  • Ensure maximum respect for the Environment in all our products and processes.

This policy is understood, implemented and maintained daily for all levels of the Organization of the Company and reviewed for continuing suitability.