Smart Anoxia

Eliminates the oxygen in a controlled environment so the insects die

Smart Anoxia is the unique solution that allows you to remotely control the treatment conditions from any Internet connected device and avoids the traditional inconveniences of using dangerous gases and saves manpower and logistics expenses.

Anoxia treatments have been applied for decades however this method is still unpopular for many pest controllers maybe because it was traditionally complicated and expensive.

Smart Anoxia


  • Hotels

  • Artistic and cultural heritage

  • Furniture

  • Homes

  • Museums

  • Food storage

  • Offices

  • Special care objects

Easy to use

1. Extend the polybarrier film, creating the base of the Anoxia Bubble

2. Place the objects to be treated over the Anoxia bubble’s base.

3. Wrap the film around the objects to finally cut and seal the edges, creating the Anoxia Bubble

4. Switch on the Control Unite and place it inside the bubble.
Finally, introduce the oxygen scavenger, just before completely sealing the bubble.

5. Confirm the router is properly connected and in range to the bubble; from nos on the treatment is self-controlled and can be monitored from any Internet connected device.

6. When the completed treatment alert is received, you can open the bubble safely. Simply cut the sealed edges. The film is reusable.

Technological Improvements

  • Smart Anoxia Control Unit is a compact and innovative IOT (Internet Of Things) device powered by alkaline batteries that real-time monitors and submits to the Cloud conditions inside the anoxia sealed bubble.

  • 100% environment-.friendly, safe and effective.

  • Costs savings in equipment, supplies, manpower and logistics.

  • No need for periodic checkup visits. Real-time remotely monitoring and report generation with alert send out to end costumer.

  • Anoxia treatments do not cause damages and are suitable for any kind and size of objects.

  • The treatment is remotely controlled from any Internet connected device, such tablets, smartphones or laptops.