SAMI Plotter Mouse

SAMI Plotter Mouse trace mice and rats and know in real time where is the colony and what they are feeling. At SAMI TECH we are always looking for new innovative ways to help you out, developing unique tools. Our last investigation it results in a little device to control mice colonies in food industry areas, warehouses, buildings, etc. One mouse will spy the others and collect useful data as if they are looking for food, feeding, resting, procreating…

SAMI ipest Smart Repeller

SAMI ipest Smart Repeller After two years of field testing, SAMI TECH has created an innovative solution, compared to others, for pest control in the food industry (restaurants, bars, kitchens, hotels, singular buildings, hospitals, etc). It is an own technology, based on radio waves, that generate such a level of stress in the insects, like cockroaches and flies, that they end up leaving the place or perishing by starvation. Totally human safe and compiles all applicable safety regulations. Designed and manufactured according CE regulatory. SAMI ipest Smart Repeller is a pest control electronic system that drives cockroaches