Mattress Debugger

Quick physical solution for bed bugs, mites and other insects in mattresses

  • Plug and play

  • No use of chemicals

  • Silent operation

  • Up to King Size mattresses

  • Extends mattress life

  • Does not require professional operators

Mattress sizes that can be treated

Mattres Debugger sizes

Far Infrared Heating Technology

Mattress Debugger technology is using the same heat principle of solar waves: The far infrared radiated heat is 100% safe for objects and as opposed to convection heat there is no waste of energy in heating the air.

The heating panels located in the Mattress Debugger’s base generate the far infrared heat that kills insects by degrading their protein molecules.

Control Unit Easy

Control Unit Easy system allows the operator to manage the treatment temperature, start or stop the treatment at any time with a simple button. Using the Heat Wrap Easy version there is no learning-curve and totally intuitive process.