Smart Repeller

After two years of field testing, Samitech has created an innovative solution, compared to others, for pest control in the food industry (restaurants, bars, kitchens, hotels, singular buildings, hospitals, etc).

It is an own technology, based on radio waves, that generate such a level of stress in the insects, like cockroaches and flies, that they end up leaving the place or perishing by starvation.

Totally human safe and compiles all applicable safety regulations.

Designed and manufactured according CE regulatory.

Smart Repeller is a pest control electronic system that drives cockroaches and fermentation flies away in areas up to 50m2, and it also prevents them from going back.

The device is connected to a conventional plug to provide permanent protection of the treated area. Its set up is extremely simple thanks to the articulated arm that permits its orientation and to the extra-strong adhesive included for its fixation. It does not require any kind of  special maintenance.

Smart Repeller Application

Example of correct arrangement of devices in a professional kitchen.



Technical Specifications

Area of action Up to 50m2
Device material ABS of high resistance
Area of action Up to 50m2
Device dimensions 130 x 172 x 25 mm
Articulated arm dimensions 60 x 30 x 26 mm
Net weight 220 grams
Power consumption 12 VDC / Max. 2,4 W
Power supply 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Packaging dimensions 207 x 80 x 155 mm
Packaging type Laminated double-play carton
Quantity by European Pallet 150 units
Quantity by American Pallet 192 units
Fabricated in conformity with CE / UL