SAMI TECH Heat Bubble

SAMI TECH has created this new technology to bring you the latest innovation againts pest.

It is a heat treatment solution for insects found mainly in hotels, offices, homes, etc.

Current treatments

SAMI TECH Heat Bubble’s Technology is based on 2 innovations:

Wave radiation affects the proteins of the insects, without harming the objects.

SAMI TECH Heat Bubble Advantages

  •   Portable. Only one operator needed for transportation, setup and control
  •   Connection to a conventional power socket
  •   Fast and effective
  •   Light and flexible
  •   Intelligent remote control

The heat treatment is monitored and controlled in real time remotely by the control unit.

The entire process is managed using an included tablet.

The user interface is simple and intuitive and the learning curve is minimal for the user. It has the SAMI TECH Heat Bubble interface where the operator defines the treatment to be performed, verifies the safety guidelines and monitors the treatment.

Exhaustive report. Once the treatment is finished, a personalized report in PDF is generated as a proof and can be emailed to the client.

Model SAMI TECH Heat Bubble 6M5
Catalogue code STHBPACK65
Treatment volume 6 m3
Bubble dimensions 180 x 180 x 205 cm (width / length / height)
Total bubble weight 37,7 kg
Material High strength thermal reflector
Structural material High strength fiberglass
Power supply 200V-240V ~ 50Hz-60Hz
Number of panels 6
Maximum power (peak): 3680W
Average power  2500W
Treatment temperature 55ºC
Maximun temperature 115ºC
Compliance CE / UL / CSA
Easy and fast assembly

 Pull the red strips for easy deploy and use. In less than 30 sec.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3